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Engineering Resins

  • Tough Resin

    XSR10 have super toughness comparing with other material, such toughness resin can be used as bending and compressing spare parts, flexible characteristics fit for multiple soft touch material as...

  • Rigid Resin

    XSR11 have super hardness, low deformation rate and precision geometry, it is engineering ideal choice
    ● High precision
    ● Low deformation rate
    ● Low smell, non toxic

  • Rubber Resin

    XSR12 has so many designing and applications like clothing, shoe, wearable objects, you can print what you want and nothing is impossible.
    ● LCD series
    ● Low contraction percentage

  • Ultra Clear Resin

    XSR13 resin used for fluid and module manufacturing, specially for optic, lighting and all semi-transparent spare parts. ● High transmittance
    ● Low contraction percentage
    ● Low...

Welcome to wholesale the customized high quality engineering resins made in China from our factory. We are known as one of the leading engineering resins manufacturers and suppliers in China and we are equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to contact us.