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3D Printers

  • 3D Printers High Resolution

    CubeX P6.0 3D printers use 6" 2k HD resolution 2560*1440*489.5PPI,layer resolution 0.25mm, XY resolution 51.75μm, Z resolution 10μm, Hiwin industry single axis robot avoiding to swing, overcome...

  • 3D Printers in Medicine

    CubeX P8.9 medical application, with high resolution requirement, super stable equipment, CubeX P8.9 passed all testing experiment processes, fully meeting medical printing requirement. Dental...

  • 3D Printers Mini

    CubeX P6.0 mini, we keep R&D with different 3D printing technology including resin 3D printing. Engineer find many shortcomings of present 3D printing market. New developing 3D resin printing is...

  • 3D Printers with Large Build Volume

    CubeX P13.3 with large build volume, from design and production purpose, special choice, enjoy every steps after push poweron button. We like to use CubeX P13.3 to print all matters, we know you...

  • 3D Printers Professional

    CubeX P13.3 3D printer professional, we spend so much time to investigate like and unlike 3D printing machine, We use all update technology including LCD panel and stereo lithography(SLA curing...

  • 3D Printers Medical

    CubeX P6.0 3D printer mdical, high efficient resin cleaning, both size two buckles, open buckle, take out resin box to clean and keep remains. 75% alcohol is first choice to clean tank. economy...

  • 3D Printers Jewellery

    CubeX P6.0 air purify system including one low speed fan and one activated charcoal filter, remove ultrafine particle and disgust smog, improve healthy printing evironment. Put one bottle resin to...

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Use Ultrasonic cleaner to clean 3D frame by alcohol
    ●Strong and quick

  • UV Curing Box

    UV curing box is post processing equipment, using high quality 405LEDs, rotating tray inside, curing quick and even, one button start, timing fixed, more smooth cured furface.

  • 3D Printers in Store

    CubeX P8.9 are so easy to operate, support WiFi, cable or USB connection, CubeX P8.9 free slice software can be download on our website. simply introducing printing file and connecting Dazz 3D,...

  • 3D Printers for School

    CubeX P8.9 have big printing area, 190*118*170mm, good printing frame surface, easy to operate, small size and design for table requirement. CubeX P8.9 is only choice for school education. Meeting...

  • 3D Printers for Dummies

    3D Printers for Classrooms Automatic heating function of low temperature resin, 7-inch touch screen. Tech Specs Features FAQ: 1.How much does US shipping cost? The shipping cost varies by...

We're professional 3D printers manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing custom made products. We warmly welcome you to wholesale bulk 3D printers from our factory.
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